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About us


Bureau Electronic Network Security (BENS, BEN Security) began operations in February 1994 prompted by the sale of the TNT Group 4 Monitoring Division to Honeywell. The reason this sale prompted BEN Security to open up its own Monitoring Centre was because we identified the need to continue providing the level of service that the Group 4 clients were used to, and also that many Group 4 customers were not happy about the Honeywell buyout. Once the Monitoring Centre was operational at Ultimo, we quickly started picking up Bureau business and had 1000 customers by the end of the year.

In 1997, BENS needed more office space, and moved from Ultimo to Flemington Markets. The move was successful with no interruption to the monitoring services provided. In 1999, BENS went ONLINE, providing many basic online services to its Bureaus on the Internet. Over the years, numerous other online services have been added to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our clients.

In 2005, construction began on BENS Grade 1 Monitoring Centre. The move coincided with the largest BENS online upgrade which occured late July. Grade A1 accreditaion was awarded to BENS in September 2006.

In July 2007, BENS made several updates to their online services. Bureaus were provided with up to the minute live data feeds for all events received. Also, Bureaus where given the ability to provide their clients with personal access to their own lines, information and events (via live data feeds). This service is provided by hosting a customized and personal website for Bureaus to allow their Customers to log in and access this information.

Over the years, we have continued to operate with the same basic goals; to provide friendly, speedy response to alarm signals; to support and assist our customers as best as possible and to ensure customer satisfaction through reliable service.

Team Experience

BENS has an impressive team of people working together to ensure our customers get the service they deserve. We have designed and developed our very own Monitoring Centre automation software package. All of our IT services are dealt with in-house and our Management team have decades of experience in the Security Industry. Any problems that may arise can be fixed immediately by our own personnel. We don't need to rely on any third party companies to provide us with technical support.

Not only do we know about Monitoring, but our originating company 'Vigilante Systems Pty Ltd' had been involved in the R&D of Security System Hardware for over 20 years. The first panel developed, the Vigilante Panel, is still in use today by major Government corporations such as the State Rail Authority of NSW as well as other smaller Government agencies both here and overseas. The next generation panel - Red Hub is in its final stages of development, and will take advantage of GPRS technology.

As you can see, our expertise is not just confined to monitoring although this is our forte. Feel free to call us 1300 130 515 if you would like any information on our Alarm Monitoring Software package and IT services.

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